Access the Herd Profile Enquiry System

Facility for users to access the Herd Profile Enquiry system, which gives details of the animals in your herd.

Animal Health Ireland

Animal Health Ireland advises livestock producers and processors on establishing effective control programmes for non-regulated diseases of livestock.

Apply for a Cattle Movement Monitoring System Compliance Certificate

Facility for users to apply for a Cattle Movement Monitoring System compliance certificate.

Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council

Details on the work of the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council in promoting animal welfare in agriculture.

Find a Registered Veterinary Premises, Practitioner or Nurse

Facility for users to find a registered veterinary premises, practitioner or nurse.

Get the Latest Beef Price

Up-to-date information on the average price paid for animals in 24 of the meat factories approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Register the Birth of a Calf

Facility that allows users to register the birth of a calf.