Building Ireland's Future

Project Ireland 2040 is the Government’s overarching policy initiative to make Ireland a better country for all of us, a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to be.

Project Ireland 2040 is informed by the Programme for a Partnership Government 2016, which recognises that economic and social progress go hand in hand, as well as by the National Planning Framework to 2040 and the National Development Plan 2018-2027.

Project Ireland 2040 emphasises social outcomes and values ahead of economic targets. It prioritises the wellbeing of all of our people, wherever they live and whatever their background.

Wellbeing, equality and opportunity represent the core, interdependent themes of Project Ireland 2040. Without equality we cannot have wellbeing: without opportunity we cannot have equality. The objective of Project Ireland 2040 is to provide a comprehensive social, economic and cultural infrastructure for all our people to flourish, so that together we can create a better society

By 2040 we expect that an additional one million people will live in Ireland, an additional two-thirds of a million people will work here. These are huge increases: more people will be travelling to work, school and universities, more buildings will be needed to accommodate them, clean water will be needed for homes, farms and industry, more and better care facilities will be required for the elderly.

An ageing population and smaller family size mean that we will need an additional half a million homes to accommodate this growth.

Without proper planning, growth will be haphazard and uneven. Without the required infrastructure, our potential for economic growth will stall.

The Ten Strategic Outcomes

Project Ireland 2040 seeks to achieve ten strategic outcomes, building around the overarching themes of wellbeing, equality and opportunity and representing the ten priorities of the National Planning Framework. They are:


 Executive Summary
Executive Summary - Project Ireland 2040 is the Government's overarching policy initiative to make Ireland a better country for all, a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to be.
 National Development Plan 2018 - 2027
This ambitious plan will drive Ireland’s long term economic, environmental and social progress across all parts of the country over the next decade. The plan is fully integrated with the new approach to spatial planning in Ireland in the National Planning Framework.
 National Planning Framework
This document is a development strategy to shape our national, regional and local spatial development in economic, environmental and social terms to 2040.
 Éire 2040 An Tionscadal An Creat Naisiunta Pleanala
Éire 2040 An Tionscadal An Creat Naisiunta Pleanala

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