Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing reflects our overall quality of life and is integral to our health.

Wellbeing also reflects the concept of positive mental health, in which a person can realise his or her own abilities, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and be able to make a contribution to his or her community.

While one in four of us will experience mental health problems in our lifetime, everyone knows what it’s like to feel stressed, or to go through a tough life change or bereavement.

There are lots of simple, proven steps that we can take to mind our mental health, and guide us through those tough patches.

Being active, talking about our problems, and keeping connected to people around us can all make a difference.

So too can taking a 30-minute breather from the phone or getting a good night’s sleep.

Your Mental Health has lots of information about how to mind your mental health and support the people you love, as well as links to a wide range of mental health organisations so you can find mental health and related support services near you.

You can also find out more about the Little Things campaign here. 

Little Things is the national partnership mental health and wellbeing campaign which is supported by a huge range of partners across the country.

The campaign supports people to take simple steps in everyday life that can have a positive impact on how we feel. Being active, talking about our problems, getting enough sleep and keeping connected with people can make all the difference.

Other Useful Supports for Mental Wellbeing

There is a huge range of organisations around the country which support people and communities to come together and organise activities and events to help people connect and mind their mental wellbeing. Below are just a few you can check out to see if by joining in, or volunteering, you can help you, and your community, to feel better.

The GAA Healthy Club project aims to help GAA clubs explore how they support the holistic health of their members and the communities they serve

Men's Sheds are a community-based organization, open to all men and providing a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the primary objective is to advance the health and well- being of the participating men.

Volunteering is good for you. While volunteers give their time and energy to help others, there are also well-proven benefits for their own health and wellbeing. Volunteer Ireland offers information and lots of opportunities to get involved in your community or area of interest. is Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, for young people. It aims to educate and inform about the importance of holistic wellbeing and how good health can be maintained, both physically and mentally

Many people use cigarettes to cope with different emotions, such as smoking in a stressful situation. It is also the case that people with mental health problems are much more likely to smoke and to smoke more heavily than other people. It might take time and you will need lots of support and help to quit… but help is available.

People often use alcohol to cope with difficult feelings or problems, but this can create more difficulties and challenges which can affect your mental and physical health. To find out more about how alcohol affects your health and how to make healthier choices visit the HSE’s askaboutalcohol website.

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