Apply for Child Benefit with MyGovID

Facility to apply for Child Benefit

Apply for Maternity Benefit

Facility to apply for Maternity Benefit.

Apply for Paternity Benefit

Facility to apply for Paternity Benefit.

Apply for Social Welfare

Apply for Social Welfare

Close Your Jobseeker's Claim with MyGovID

Facility for a jobseeker to close their claim.

Eligibility Check and Payment of Treatment Benefits

Check eligibility for payment of Treatment Benefits.

Intreo Employment and Income Supports

Intreo is a single point of contact for all employment and income supports.

Make a Holiday Request (for Jobseekers)

Facility for jobseekers, who are in receipt of a social welfare payment, to notify the Department of Social Protection of their intention to take a holiday.

Online Certification for Jobseekers

Facility to allow jobseekers certify online that they continue to be unemployed and that they are actively seeking work.

Request a Payment Statement from the Department of Social Protection

Facility for a customer to request and receive a Payment Statement.