Social Welfare

Department of Social Protection Customer Feedback

Online comment card to provide customer feedback to the Department of Social Protection.

Intreo Employment and Income Supports

Intreo is a single point of contact for all employment and income supports.

Online Certification for Jobseekers

Facility to allow jobseekers certify online that they continue to be unemployed and that they are actively seeking work.

Report Suspected Social Welfare Fraud

Facility enabling users to report suspected social welfare fraud to the Department of Social Protection.

Request a Statement of Social Welfare Payments

Facility that allows users request a statement of Social Welfare payments.

Request Payment Method Change

Request a change in payment method for certain payments.

Social Welfare Appeals Office

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Submit Insolvency Claim Form

Form that allows users submit an insolvency claim.

Submit Redundancy Claims

Facility that allows users submit a redundancy claim online.

Submit Your Work and Skills Information

Input information on your work history and skills.