Legal Documents

Apply for a Dublin City HGV permit

Facility allowing users to apply for a Dublin City HGV permit.

Apply for a Passport Online

Online Irish Passport application facility for Irish citizens who are over 18 and have previously held an Irish Passport.

Apply for a Re-Entry Visa

Application form for a re-entry visa.

Apply for a Road Transport Operator Licence

Application facility allowing transport operators to apply for, or amend, a Road Transport Operator Licence.

Apply for a Roadworks Licence

Facility to apply through MapRoad Roadworks Licensing for a roadworks licence.

Apply for a Small Public Service Vehicle Test and Licence

Application form for Small Public Service Vehicle driver test and licence.

Apply for an Irish Passport Card

Application facility for an Irish Passport Card.

Change of Vehicle Ownership Service

Service that allows approved motor dealers register vehicle ownership changes with the Department of Transport.

Document Authentication Process

Authenticating documents created in Ireland for use abroad.

End of Life Vehicle Online Facility

Service that enables Authorised Treatment Facilities notify the Department of Transport of vehicle destructions.