eFlow is a service for paying for tolls on the M50 and for wider usage toll tags.


eToll is an integrated national method of collecting tolls automatically using a tag mounted on a vehicle windscreen.

Leap Card Top-Up Android App

Facility for topping up Leap Cards via a free app for NFC-enabled Android phones.

Leap Cards

Guide to using a Leap Card, including fares, purchasing a card and managing the balance.

Locate a Motor Tax Office

Facility for users to find their closest Motor Tax Office.

Luas Standard Fare Notices

Facility for Luas users to pay for standard fare notices online.

Motor Tax Online

Facility to tax vehicles online.

Online Taxi Fare Estimator

Estimator to calculate approximate taxi fares.

Register for Luas Tax Saver Tickets

Register for Tax Saver Commuter Tickets for the Luas service.

Road Toll Tags Suppliers

Suppliers of electronic toll tags and the different types of toll accounts.